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Archive for May, 2010

New York, NY – 05/21/10

posted May 21st,2010 by admin

Announcing: The Apollo Run Pledge!

posted May 13th,2010 by admin

We are ridiculously excited to announce our partnership with Pledge Music, a new tool that allows artists and fans to work together to make new records, get on the road, and raise money for charity! We encourage you to click the link below to find out all about what we have to offer you! (Did […]

Brooklyn, NY – 05/08/10

posted May 8th,2010 by admin

This Saturday Night: PROM NIGHT

posted May 6th,2010 by admin

This Saturday night, Apollo Run will be taking you back in time to the 50’s style Doo-Wop/Rockabilly prom night you always wished you had. Grease back your hair, pull your dancing shoelaces tight, grab the fella/lady you are going steady with, and we’ll rock around the clock. We’ll be throwing in a few 50’s classic […]

Cambridge , MA – 05/02/10

posted May 2nd,2010 by admin

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