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5 of the Best Things in the World (Wide Web) Right Now


I woke up this morning, brewed a cup of coffee, ate a bowl of cheerios, and sat down to do my leisurely weekend web browsing. Through clicks, searches, and shares, I found myself at a favorite website, Gizmodo. The front page featured an incredible TED talk about multiverses. 20 minutes later, I found myself re-charged with new daunting, eye-opening information. I decided to head over to Apollo Run [dot] com to share this video, along with 4 other nuggets of interwebawesomeness. Enjoy, folks.

1. “Brian Greene: Why is our universe fine-tuned for life?”

Greene’s enthusiasm for the subject of multiverses is infectious.

2. “Bjork – Crystalline”

Bjork‘s Biophilia, an album made out of respect for and in celebration of nature and technology. Video by Michel Gondry.

3. “Tracy K. Smith Reads From ‘Life of Mars'”

Tracy K. Smith’s ‘Life on Mars’ just won the Pulizter Prize for poetry. From her interview with Kurt Anderson on Studio 360, Smith explains “I am interested in using language and having fun with what it can do and what it can create, but using it as a tool to get toward understanding and insight. And if I am thinking about something that is mysterious or difficult or complex, I like when the language can be as transparent as possible just to make way for the larger thing.” Same here, Tracy.

4. This.

5. Boing Boing. A perfect example of how to spend your time on the internet while not wasting your time on the internet.

Annnd, that concludes 5 of the Best Things in the World (Wide Web) Right Now for now.

Peace, Love, Sweat, and String Theory,

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