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Announcing: The Apollo Run Pledge!

We are ridiculously excited to announce our partnership with Pledge Music, a new tool that allows artists and fans to work together to make new records, get on the road, and raise money for charity! We encourage you to click the link below to find out all about what we have to offer you! (Did someone say ‘personal Apollo Run concert in your living room’? ‘Bass lessons with Jeff Kerestes’? ‘Sightseeing with the band’? ‘Lifetime Apollo Run concert pass!?’)


Let’s get this new EP out to you, let’s get Apollo Run to your town, and let’s have a damn good ol’ time along the way.

Also, did you hear about Rockwood Music Hall’s new Stage 2?! The doors have officially opened on what people are starting to call The Rockwood Colosseum. You’ll have elbow room! A place to put down your drink! A balcony! The beautiful space seats 150-200 people, houses a baby grand, and will be full of Apollo Run tunes next Friday night, May 21st. Yummm.

This is a show to tell your friends about. The horn section will there. Graham’s headband will be there. Jeff’s moves will be in full effect. And McGrew will sing his ass off.

Show starts at 10:00. Sharp. We can’t wait to see you there.

Don’t forget to PLEDGE!

Peace, Love, Harmonies, & Sweat,


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