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posted July 1st,2009 by admin

Remember! Way into puzzles these days… Lloyd

Contest Winners

posted June 30th,2009 by admin

Congratulations to Matt Dunlap and Elizabeth Lash for solving our ticket-giveaway puzzles first! You win! A ticket will be waiting for each of you (and your friend of choice) at the Bell House ticket counter tomorrow night. For the rest of you that participated (D. Green, A. Bae, J. Bay, J. Totten) – you win […]

Horn Section and Choir!

posted June 29th,2009 by admin

Ladies and Gentlemen, We are thrilled to announce that a horn section and members of a New York City-based a cappella choir will be joining us at our Bell House show this Wednesday, July 1st, at 8:30pm! Yeah, it is going to be crazy. We are giving away two more tickets to the show. Find […]

AR Listed in ‘Time Out’

posted June 25th,2009 by admin

Apollo Run a puzzle? Thanks for the listing, Time Out! Good stuff… Hoping to see you emo rock kids/horn jam hippies/God-fearing preachers at the Bell House on Wednesday, July 1st, 8:30! Doors at 7:30! Lloyd

Photos, Surprises, CHALLENGE.

posted June 23rd,2009 by admin

AR friend Redboy has graciously provided us with some awesome sHots from our Knitting FactOry show. You can check em out afteR the jump. As a remiNder, we have a huge show coming up on July 1st at The Bell House in Brooklyn. We have a couple of trickS up our sleEves for this show, […]


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