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Introducing the AR Shotgun Challenges

posted September 17th,2009 by admin

Okay folks, here is the deal: On the road, Apollo Run institutes a Shotgun Challenge clause to the basic “shotgun (dibs on frontseat)” game. The Rules: Someone must call “Shotgun” while vehicle is in view. Shotgun can then be challenged. Challengee then picks an event. Winner of said event gets the rights to shotgun for […]

Welcome to ApolloRun.com 2.0!

posted May 13th,2009 by admin

Hello All, We are excited to finally bring you ApolloRun.com 2.0! Here you will find, new tracks, new pics, new vids, new shows, and new news.  Stay tuned for tour dates, shotgun challenges, Jeff Kerestes performing aeriel silks, ‘The Real’ Graham Fisk teaching jay-walking lessons, me spinning freakishly fast in circles,  and of course exclusive AR content. Our […]


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