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Day #7: Success (Part II)

posted June 5th,2009 by admin

Great times… Our first tour came to a climactic end last night with an explosive show at Cafe 939 in Boston, MA on Berklee School of Music’s campus. Jackie Indrisano and the crew at Cafe 939 orchestrated a top notch evening. Many thanks to all involved for helping us rock Boston. We shared the bill […]

Day #6: Liam of Troy

posted June 4th,2009 by admin

Albany, NY! The Albany show has turned out to be the musical highlight of the tour thus far. During “Superhero”, sound engineer extaordinaire Suzie Tower sported old school roller skates and a hula grass skirt while dancing with Julius Jay C. Major thanks to Jory and Red Square for booking us. We will be back […]

Day #5: Bros

posted June 3rd,2009 by admin

“The City of Brotherly Love.” Big thanks to Chris Doggett for throwing us a party/BBQ at his 19th floor balcony apartment in the heart of Philly, The Phoenix, which overlooks Love Park. The show last night at The Fire went well. We had a camera crew filming and a ProTools rig tracking from a studio […]

Day #4: DC

posted June 2nd,2009 by admin

What a day… Last night we played in DC at DC9 to a nice large DC crowd. Julius C rocked the crowd as always. We followed in suit by playing one of our most inspired and creative shows on the tour. DC based photographer Andrew Harnik took amazing shots of the show (see after the […]

Day #3: Quandary Farm

posted June 1st,2009 by admin

Hello All, Yesterday, we arrived at the Quandary Farm – 100 acres of Virginia land with a house, a farm, guest house, chicken coup, Talula the hounddog, four cats, a target practice shooting range, a huge grill, a flat top surface for roller hockey skating, skates, and…a recording studio. Basically this place (owned by Matt […]

Day #2: Friends…

posted May 31st,2009 by admin

Onward – Day #2 in Roanoke, Va brought friends, friends’ sisters, friends’ mothers, and a stack of snacks waiting outside the AR mobile. If for nothing else, this blog is a great place to give shout outs to the special friends of AR who help us keep doing what we do and loving what we […]

Day #1: Success

posted May 30th,2009 by admin

Hello All, McGrew here. Writing you from the road. I am sitting in a motel in Roanoke, VA. Our room…smells. (To be expected when packed in a room with 5 other dudes.) Yesterday, we played our first road date of the tour in Blacksburg, VA at Awful Arthur’s. We played to a small but enthusiastic […]

Blasted ’09!

posted May 27th,2009 by admin

Lloyd here. Help Apollo Run kick off the Julius C/Apollo Run Summer ’09 tour with a night of music at Coco66 in Greenpoint.  Presenting Blasted ’09, with AR’s good friend’s Kagero, Julius C, Yours Truly, and Tarquin rounding out the night with a DJ set. The new tees will be available, along with a five track sampler […]

The AR Mobile

posted May 15th,2009 by admin

Tonight, we bought a van! Lookout Blacksburg VA, Roanoke VA, Charlottesville VA, DC, Philly PA, Albany NY, and Boston MA! – McG

The VA -> MA Tour

posted May 14th,2009 by admin

The tour dates have been announced!  So come and get some!  Click on the Shows tab above to see which neighborhoods Apollo Run and and our good friends Julius C will be terrorizing.  If you have friends who live in or close to any of these cities, please let them know we’re swinging through!  I […]


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