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Fair Maidens of ‘Run

We had an absolutely awesome time on the road over the past two weeks.  Middlebury, Philly, DC, Easton, Chapel Hill, Oxford, Detroit….we love you. Make no mistake, we will be back to love up on you again soon. Stay tuned.

As you can see from the picture above, for Halloween we were chicks. Check out more pics after the jump. (You know you want to…)

We met a lot of amazing people on the road. Here are some shout outs: We love you, Delta Rae. A LOT.  Same goes to you, Luego. No one looks (and sounds) better in guyliner than the lead singer of New Madrid.  Damn.  Check them out, NYC.  Nice to get the Detroit inside scoop from Jennie of Lac La Belle.  Special shout out to the Ann Delisi at WDET 101.9 FM in Detroit. We did a little in studio performance and interview (which will be available later this month). Ann has a way of making you feel like you’ve known her (and been in love with her) for years.  Finally thanks to The Sights (who will be playing out record release party with us on Dec. 3rd at Rockwood Stage 2!) who allowed us to crash at their pads after a long couple of weeks.

Now that we are settled back in Brooklyn, we have a show this coming Friday @ Pianos. Its an early show (8pm), so bring your grandparents and your young-ish “responsible” friends who always make passing comments about how they “used to be able to go out until late, but now they are feeling their age and blah blah blah…” There will be music, videos, lights, and punch. Yes, punch. Of the whiskey kind.

Chick pics after the jump!

We Love You,

annnnd… shake weight!

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hotsauceNovember 9th, 2010 at 2:33 pm

guyliner, stockings, sexy man shoulders. Sold. You guys have never looked so hot.

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